Relaxation Massage

$70 - 60 mins/ $100 - 90 MINS

Our relaxation massage is customized to each clients needs and uses long, fluid strokes to release tension and fully relax your muscles. Pamper yourself with this full-body massage that will leave you feeling like you’re floating on air. Relaxation massage is great for stress relief or as a maintenance treatment between deeper therapies with added benefits including increased circulation and increased lymphatic flow.

Therapeutic Massage

$85 - 60 mins / $115 - 90 mins 

Working on the deeper portions of the muscles to locate and alleviate pain. This therapy uses manipulation of trigger points to effectively “reset” the pain cycle, relieving a wide variety of muscle pains. This can be especially effective on people with chronic pain issues.



  • Hot Stone
  • Organic Cryo/Thermo Application
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sugar Foot Scrub

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